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This site is dedicated to all things related to 3DO and M2 development. From information on the hardware to homebrew tutorials. There is still a lot we plan to upload but if you have anything we're missing feel free to create an account and contribute or contact us.



Software / Tooling


TODO / Ideas

  • new tooling
    • create / split 3DO Stream files
    • weaver replacement (see FFMPEG todos below)
    • build with modern compiler suite (ARMv3 and AIF binary format)
  • homebrew
    • open source firmware / BIOS
    • tool to query 3DO hardware (in progress)
    • port of the 240p test suite
    • benchmarking tool to compare different models and emulators and attempt to determine accuracy
    • tool to transfer ROM & NVRAM without special hardware (via video or audio (Bell 202 AFSK?))
    • a video player to replace PlayMovie from Doom (based on NuPlayer?) to enable simpler video playback
    • port games
      • Open Tyrian 2000
      • Wolf3D
      • Rise of the Triad
      • Jaguar games?
  • recreate / port 3DO operating system API to modern system
  • Add support to FFMPEG for 3DO compatible Cinepak encoding, SDX2 encoding, and “DataStream” mux and demuxer so that ffmpeg alone could be used to create 3DO video and audio streams.
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