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NOTE: These docs were initially created by converting original HTML docs from 3DO to DokuWiki via pandoc. There are likely a number of errors in that conversion and fixing them is an ongoing process.

Welcome to the online version of the 3DO Developer's Documentation Set. Beginning with this Portfolio 2.5 release, 3DO Publications is providing the complete Developer's Documentation Set in HTML format as a supplement to the hard copy documentation. Click here to start exploring the Developer's Documentation Set.

We believe that this online documentation will significantly increase the utility of the information included in the documentation set. You can quickly browse through the documentation by topic and print out any sections you wish. The utility of the online documentation coupled with the practicality of the hard copy should improve your ability to learn, understand, and use the technical information required to create outstanding titles for the 3DO system.

Useful Tips

To speed your way through the online documentation, you can do the following:

Use the home and end keys on your Macintosh keyboard to jump to the top or bottom of a page.

For long pages, use the page up and page down keys instead of the scroll bar and mouse to read through a page.

If you don't need or want to see the online graphics, you can turn them off in the Options menu. In Mosaic and Netscape, turn off Auto-Load Images in the Options menu. This will significantly increase loading time if you are reading the files off of the CD.

Use the back arrow button to quickly revisit a previously viewed page without having to search for a hypertext link.

Use the forward arrow button to quickly return to a page. If you get lost in the documentation, use the Open Local… or Open File… command in the File menu and return to this Welcome.html page.

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