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The “BannerScreen” is a splash screen that is shown at the bootup of later 3DO Opera games. It was required to boot and it was required that the image show the 3DO logo. The file format is quite simple.

From dipir.h:

struct VideoImage 
  uint8		vi_Version;	/* Version # of this header */
  char		vi_Pattern[7];	/* Must contain a SPLASH_PATTERN */
  uint32	vi_Size;	/* Size of image (bytes) */
  uint16	vi_Height;	/* Height of image (pixels) */
  uint16	vi_Width;	/* Width of image (pixels) */
  uint8		vi_Depth;	/* Depth of each pixel (bits) */
  uint8		vi_Type;	/* Representation */
  uint8		vi_Reserved1;	/* must be zero */
  uint8		vi_Reserved2;	/* must be zero */
  uint32	vi_Reserved3;	/* must be zero */

In practice the image is always 320×240 @ 16bpp. The data is stored as raw bitmap data after the header.

The default rendering function can be found in display.c.

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