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The 3DO uses an ARMv3 based processor: the ARM60.

  • 32bit Addressing
  • Clocked at 12.5MHz
  • 10 MIPS @ 12MHz

Datasheets / Documents

Docs about ARM from 3DO

RAM and Hardware Access Latency

Non-sequential RAM5 ticks
Short non-sequential3 ticks (add internal if page changed)
Sequential RAM reads2 ticks
Sequential RAM writes2 ticks
Internal2 ticks
Non-sequential CLIO registers5 ticks minimum
Sequential CLIO registers3 ticks minimum
Non-sequential MADAM registers5 ticks minimum
Sequential MADAM registers2 ticks minimum
ROM35 ticks
Non-sequential Trace5 ticks minimum
Sequential Trace3 ticks minimum
SPORT reads7 ticks
SPORT writes6 ticks
SlowBus (short)7 ticks
SlowBus (long)13 ticks
Hardware after Internal5 ticks, but 2nd tick is longer (hw decoder)
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