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3DO FZ-1 SD Card Extension Bracket

3DO FZ-1 ODE Micro SD Card Extension Bracket

3DO Panasonic FZ-1 ODE Mount

This is a universal ODE (optical disc emulator) mount for the Panasonic FZ-1 3DO console. It was originally designed for MNEMO's USB Host but it should also be compatible with the new internal 3DO ODE by Flxel. With this mount there no longer a need to cannibalize the existing optical drive for the frame. This makes it a lot easier to swap between an ODE and the stock disc drive. The mount also includes space for a 2.5 inch SSD to mount under the PCB. The Sabrent USB to SSD Adapter is recommended for compatibility and fit. Included is an optional 3DO_FZ1_CDR_COVER_MOUNT model that can be used to securely hold the existing CD tray cover in place. If mounting for external USB port, you can avoid cutting your existing CD tray cover by 3d printing a replacement 3DO CD tray cover with a USB port already cut out. You can also expose the MNEMO internal ODE kit as an external with a simple small USB extension cable that can be secured with a tie-wrap.

3DO FZ-1 ODE Bracket

Bracket for securing a Mnemo or Fixel internal ODE without the need of the original metal CD-ROM drive bracket.

3DO FZ-1 CD-ROM Door Brackets for Fixel or Mnemo's ODE Install

3DO Panasonic FZ-1 CD-ROM Cover

This is a drop in replacement CD-ROM tray cover for 3DO Panasonic FZ-1 consoles. Also included is a version with the USB cutout for MNEMO's USB Mod.

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