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Fixel's ODE


  • Open source software and hardware (licenses still being decided)
  • Upgradable menu and firmware
    • ODE device driver for PortfolioOS to allow communication with the ODE from homebrew
    • Ability to dump BIOS/SYSROM, Font ROM, FMV ROM
    • Builtin Storage Manager
    • Multi-CD support
    • Easter eggs :)
  • Multiple hardware versions:
    • internal Panasonic FZ-1 CDROM drive replacement model: Plug and play replacement for the builtin CDROM drive
    • external XPort (Expansion Bus) model: Uses the expansion port found on all retail systems. No need to remove CDROM drive.
    • Panasonic FZ-10, Goldstar/LG, Sanyo internal CDROM drive replacements to come at a later date if sufficient interest
  • Multiple storage mediums:
    • USB (single partition)
    • SDCard (single partition, sizes upto 1TB tested)
  • Filesystems supported: FAT32, EXFAT
  • Backwards compatible replacement for FZ-EM256 memory expansion (XPort version only)
  • CDROM image formats supported: .bin/.cue, .iso, .nrg
  • Support for music CD images: CDDA; .cue + .wav (44100Hz @ 16bit stereo)
  • Support for CD+G
  • Support for VCDs when used with FMV expansion device
  • XPort version should when used with devices already moded with a MNEMO ODEs
  • XPort version comes with a custom built expansion port cable and molded case. STL and OpenSCAD files for 3D printed cases available.

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Technical Documentation / Code

Discussion / Support


Why is the cable in some photos different from what I received?

The photo most people are referring to (and which can be found on this page) is of an early prototype board with an FZ-EM256's cable. At the time Fixel had not yet gotten the final cables manufactured. At one point it wasn't clear if he would even be able to get new cables made as the connector had not been sold in many years. He had to work with a company to manufactur the connector from scratch and sacraficed a few EM256 cables (which aren't cheap) to get it recreated. Had that not been done the XPort ODE may have required people to get a EM256 and pull out the cable. Unfortunately, Fixel ran into a number of problems when getting the cable manufactured. Details can be found here andhere.

Why are the cable connectors wrapped in electrical tape?

The original connector has not been available for some time so Fixel had a custom connector and cable designed and manufactured for this project. The original design included a metal shroud but pushed back cable production till late Dec 2022 (with an original Sep 2022 ship date). It was decided to move ahead and ship the units with what was available (non-shrouded 3rd revision with improved pins vs EM256 original) and 3M Super 88 electrical tape was used to cover the connector end and wires. Other solutions were tested, including heat shrink with and without adhesive backing, but some consoles had issues with the thickness.

Fixel will send free replacement cables to anyone having issues and intends to send out updated cables when finished and received.

There has been some discussion of a 3D printed shroud. If and when one is created it will be linked to here and from the ODE related hardware mods page.

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