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  • Help: help reverse engineering, help documenting, help archiving, help working on libretro Opera
  • Any 3DO / M2 development hardware
  • The 3DO / M2 Portfolio OS source code. We have a version from 1995-02-10 but if there are snapshots from other times (or even the SCM files with all history) that would also be nice to have.
  • Source code to any games, demos, etc.
  • Any unreleased games or demos such as the Beavis & Butthead arcade game
  • Additional SDKs that may have been released
  • Any hardware documentation (schematics, patents, manuals, etc.)
  • Additional BIOSes: We don't have dumps of all ROM / BIOS revisions. It'd be nice to archive them all. Especially any debug or testing ROMS.
  • Any information on how BIOS / ROMs were built, file formats used, etc.
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