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trapexit's ARM SDT & C++ dev kit

This is a project looking to make it easier to get started with 3DO homebrew. Includes all the basic tools required to get started including compilers, linker, ISO builder, RSA signing tools, etc. Works on Linux or Windows.

While the setup is functionally complete there is a lot that could be improved such as support for modern compiler toolchains, new disk and media conversation tooling, new libraries, etc.

Prebuilt QEMU MacOS 9 VM (backup: )

This is a self contained MacOS 9.2.2 VM image with much of the software below installed. Can be used to build software as well as work on media (audio, video, images). It is possible to do 3DO Opera (M1) development on Windows or Linux but as of now there are very few tools to process and convert media outside the original MacOS tooling.

The zip file includes QEMU for Windows and the “start-qemu.bat” file should start things right up. On Linux or MacOS you will need to install QEMU and then can run the “start-qemu” script. The zip archive also includes “simple-http-server” to make sharing files with the VM easier or use the FTP server also included in the VM.

3DO Opera (M1) SDKs

These are for MacOS 7+.

Note: Toolkit 1.5 and Portfolio 2.5 are recommend.


These are for MacOS 7+.

ARM SDT (Software Development Toolkit)

For Windows and misc other platforms.

Note: ARM SDT 2.50 or 2.51 are recommend.

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