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  1. Set the 3DO header[0] values as necessary of the AIF executable.
    1. Set the signature location.
    2. Do NOT set the signature size. Keep it / set it to zero (0x00000000).
  2. Calculate the MD5 digest of the whole file.
  3. Create the `message` to sign.
    1. Append the MD5 digest to the following data (presented in hex)
    2. 1ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff003020300c06082a864886f70d020505000410
  4. Use the “3DO” private key[1] to sign the message.
  5. Append the signature to the end of the AIF executable.
  6. Set the signature size to it's length (0x40).

[0] 3do_aif_header
[1] encryption_keys

modbin + openssl

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