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The “stream” file is a generic container that can hold any number of chunk types. The DataStream library is a pretty open and generic library to allow arbitrary data types to be streamed via a consistent framework. Each type have a “subscriber” that handles the data chunks.


From DSStreamHeader.h and SubChunkCommon.h


   Upto and including subChunkType are part of the SUBS_CHUNK_COMMON macro
   and the SubsChunkData struct. There is a macro (RELATIVE_BRANCHING)
   which if set will have 'short chunkFlags' and 'short channel' variables.
   If unset it has 'long channel'.
long  chunkType;                /* chunk type */
long  chunkSize;                /* chunk size including header */
long  time;                     /* position in stream time */
short chunkFlags;               /* reserved for flags            */
short channel;                  /* logical channel number */
long  subChunkType;             /* data sub-type */

long headerVersion;             /* version of header data */
long streamBlockSize;           /* size of stream buffers in this stream */
long streamBuffers;             /* suggested number of stream buffers to use */
long streamerDeltaPri;          /* delta priority for streamer thread */
long dataAcqDeltaPri;           /* delta priority for data acquisition thread */
long numSubsMsgs;               /* number of subscriber messages to allocate */
long audioClockChan;            /* logical channel number of audio clock channel */
long enableAudioChan;           /* mask of audio channels to enable */
long preloadInstList[DS_HDR_MAX_PRELOADINST]; /* NULL terminated preloaded instrument list */
DSHeaderSubs subscriberList[DS_HDR_MAX_SUBSCRIBER]; /* NULL terminated list of subscriber tags */
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