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A list of ports to (and from) the 3DO.

Doom (official)

Technically not homebrew as this was officially ported by Rebecca Heineman for Art Data Interactive but later open sourced.

Yes, this is the infamous port of DOOM for the 3DO. Firstly, this was the product of ten intense weeks of work due to the fact that I was misled about the state of the port when I was offered the project. I was told that there was a version in existance with new levels, weapons and features and it only needed “polishing” and optimization to hit the market. After numerous requests for this version, I found out that there was no such thing and that Art Data Interactive was under the false impression that all anyone needed to do to port a game from one platform to another was just to compile the code and adding weapons was as simple as dropping in the art.

Uh… No…

My friends at 3DO were begging for DOOM to be on their platform and with christmas 1995 coming soon (I took this job in August of 1995, with a mid October golden master date), I literally lived in my office, only taking breaks to take a nap and got this port completed.



A fork of 3DO Doom released by Rebecca Heineman by Optimus. Focusing on features and performance.

Phoenix Doom

Phoenix DOOM is a project derived from the 3DO DOOM source code release by Rebecca Ann Heineman. The aim of this project is to allow the original 3DO version of DOOM to be played on modern operating systems with enhancements, bug fixes and other quality of life improvements. The idea is to improve upon and remaster the original while still preserving its primary essence.

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