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Modding General/Basics


- Download 3DO Modding Workspace

- Place your ISO in “Modding Workspace”
- Once your ISO is placed in this folder remove the spaces from the file name
EX: The Need For Speed.ISO —> TheNeedForSpeed.iso
- Copy the new ISO File name
- Right Click makesign Edit → Paste your ISO file name in place of “YourISONameHere”
- Put a copy of the ISO in “ISO Backup” for safe keepings.

This will allow you to just double click the batch file instead of using command prompt.

TO Decompile YOUR ISO :

- Open OperaFS
- Click 'Decompile'
-Choose the ISO to decompile
-It will create a new directory/folder “Parce_TheNeedForSpeed
*Please allow the program to complete the task before closing anything*

With your ISO now Parced:
- Delete the ”System” folder and the 'bannerscreen' (if the game does not contain a bannerscreen, do not worry about)

- Copy the GameGuru “system” folder and paste it into your Parced folder

Note: If this System folder causes issues or the game will not run please try the 'Demo Disc' system folder instead. If the issues persist, return to the original file of which you modified and contact me at

- Copy the “BannerScreen” and put it in the Parced folder

Note: To make your own bannerscreen please scroll to the bottom of this README

TO Recompile YOUR ISO :

- Click Recompile on Opera FS
- When choosing the folder make sure:

  1. The folder directory/folder “Parce_TheNeedForSpeed” is highlighted
  2. Make sure to double click the directory so the folders within drop down

- It will then promt you with an output window
- Single click your ISO file
- Confirm
*Please allow the program to complete the task before messing with anything*

Once compiled, click 'MakeSign.bat'. Then if all was done correctly, your ISO should now be playable.


- Your custom bannerscreen should be:

  1. 24 bit uncompressed
  2. 320 x 240 pixel
  3. BitMap
  4. Export as “Banner.bmp” to folder “Modding Work Space” replacing the one already there

- After replacing the one included with this modding space double click “MakeBanner
- The 3DO “Bannerscreen” file will be created in the “Bannerscreen Output” Folder

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