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SWIDefinitionDefined Description / Notes
0x00101void Debug(void);debug.h
0x10000Item CreateSizedItem(int32 ctype, TagArg *p, int32 size);item.h
0x10001int32 WaitSignal(uint32 sigMask);task.h
0x10002Err SendSignal(Item task, uint32 sigMask);task.h
0x10003Err DeleteItem(Item i);item.h
0x10004Item FindItem(int32 ctype, TagArg *tp);item.h
0x10005Item OpenItem(Item foundItem, void *args);item.h
0x10006Err UnlockSemaphore(Item s);semaphore.h
0x10006Err UnlockItem(Item s);item.h
0x10007int32 LockSemaphore(Item s, uint32 flags);semaphore.h
0x10007int32 LockItem(Item s, uint32 flags);item.h
0x10008Err CloseItem(Item i);item.h
0x10009void Yield(void);task.h
0x1000Evoid kprintf(const char*fmt, …);debug.h
0x1000FItem GetThisMsg(Item msg);msgport.h
0x10010Err SendMsg(Item mp, Item msg, const void *dataptr, int32 datasize);msgport.h
0x10010Err SendSmallMsg(Item mp, Item msg, uint32 val1, uint32 val2);msgport.h
0x1000Aint32 SetItemPri(Item i, uint8 newpri);item.h
0x1000Dvoid *AllocMemBlocks(int32 size, uint32 typebits);mem.h
0x1000Evoid kprintf(const char *fmt, …);debug.h
0x10011uint32 ReadHardwareRandomNumber(void);hardware.h
0x10012Err ReplyMsg(Item msg, int32 result, const void *dataptr, int32 datasize);msgport.h
0x10012Err ReplySmallMsg(Item msg, int32 result, uint32 val1, int32 val2);msgport.h
0x10013Item GetMsg(Item mp);msgport.h
0x10014Err ControlMem(void *p, int32 size, int32 cmd, Item task);mem.h
0x10015int32 AllocSignal(uint32 sigMask);task.h
0x10016Err FreeSignal(uint32 sigMask);task.h
0x10018Err SendIO(Item ior, const IOInfo *ioiP);io.h
0x10019Err AbortIO(Item ior);io.h
0x1001Aint32 SetItemPri(Item i, uint8 newpri); Sourced from 3DOessence.xml. Need to confirm.
0x1001CErr SetItemOwner(Item i, Item newOwner);item.h
0x1001Eint MayGetChar(void);debug.h
0x10021int32 SystemScavengeMem(void);mem.h
0x10024Item FindAndOpenItem(int32 ctype, TagArg *tp);item.h
0x10025Err DoIO(Item ior, const IOInfo *ioiP);io.h
0x10026uint32 SampleSystemTime(void);time.hSample the current system time with very low overhead.
0x10027Err SetExitStatus(int32 status);task.h
0x10028Item WaitPort(Item mp, Item msg);msgport.h
0x10029Err WaitIO(Item ior);io.h
0x20000DEFUNCT - grafinit
0x20001Err SetReadAddress(Item bitmapItem, ubyte *buffer, int32 width);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20002Err ResetReadAddress(Item bitmapItem);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20003Err SetClipOrigin(Item bitmapItem, int32 x, int32 y);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20004DEFUNCT - WaitForLine
0x20005Err EnableVAVG(Item screenItem);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20006Err DisableVAVG(Item screenItem);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20007Err EnableHAVG(Item screenItem);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20008Err DisableHAVG(Item screenItem);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20009Err SetScreenColor(Item screenItem, uint32 colorEntry);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x2000AErr ResetScreenColors(Item screenItem);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x2000BDEFUNCT - ResetSystemGraphics
0x2000DErr SetScreenColors(Item screenItem, uint32 *entries, int32 count);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x2000EswiSuperResetCurrentFont Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x20011Err AddScreenGroup(Item screenGroup, TagArg *targs);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20012Err RemoveScreenGroup(Item screenGroup);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20013Err SetClipWidth(Item bitmapItem, int32 clipWidth);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20014Err SetClipHeight(Item bitmapItem, int32 clipHeight);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20017Err DrawScreenCels(Item screenItem, CCB *ccb);graphics.h
0x20018DEFUNCT - FillEllipse Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x20019DEFUNCT - swiSuperOpenFileFont Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x2001ADEFUNCT - SetFileFontCacheSize Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x2001BswiSuperOpenRAMFont Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x2001CDEFUNCT - OpenFileFont Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x2001DErr DrawText16(GrafCon *gcon, Item bitmapItem, uint16 *text);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x2001EDEFUNCT - swiSuperCloseFont Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x2001FErr DrawChar(GrafCon *gcon, Item bitmapItem, uint32 character);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20021Err DrawTo(Item bitmapItem, GrafCon *grafcon, Coord x, Coord y);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20023Err FillRect(Item bitmapItem, GrafCon *gc, Rect *r);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20024Err SetCurrentFontCCB(CCB *ccb);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20025Font* GetCurrentFont(void);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20026Err DrawText8(GrafCon *gcon, Item bitmapItem, uint8 *text);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20027Err DrawCels(Item bitmapItem, CCB *ccb);graphics.h
0x20029Err SetCEControl(Item bitmapItem, int32 controlWord, int32 controlMask);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x2002AErr SetCEWatchDog(Item bitmapItem, int32 db_ctr);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x2002BDEFUNCT - CopyRect Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x2002CDEFUNCT - DeleteScreenGroup Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x2002DErr DisplayScreen(Item screenItem0, Item screenItem1);graphics.h
0x2002EDEFUNCT - DeleteVDL Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x2002FErr SetVDL(Item screenItem, Item vdlItem);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20030Item SubmitVDL(VDLEntry *VDLDataPtr, int32 length, int32 type);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x20032realCreateScreenGroup Sourced from Patent 5502462
0x20033Err ModifyVDL(Item vdlItem, TagArg* vdlTags);graphics.hSourced from Patent 5502462
0x30000Item OpenDiskFile(char *path);filefunctions.h
0x30001int32 CloseDiskFile(Item fileItem);filefunctions.h
0x30004Item MountFileSystem(Item deviceItem, int32 unit, uint32 blockOffset);filefunctions.h
0x30005Item OpenDiskFileInDir(Item dirItem, char *path);filefunctions.h
0x30006Item MountMacFileSystem(char *path);filefunctions.h
0x30007Item ChangeDirectory(char *path);filefunctions.h
0x30008Item GetDirectory(char *pathBuf, int pathBufLen);filefunctions.h
0x30009Item CreateFile(char *path);filefunctions.h
0x3000AErr DeleteFile(char *path);filefunctions.h
0x3000BItem CreateAlias(char *aliasPath, char *realPath);filefunctions.h
0x3000DErr DismountFileSystem(char *name);filefunctions.h
0x40000Err TweakKnob(Item KnobItem, int32 Value);audio.h
0x40001Err StartInstrument(Item Instrument, TagArg *TagList);audio.h
0x40002Err ReleaseInstrument(Item Instrument, TagArg *TagList);audio.h
0x40003Err StopInstrument(Item Instrument, TagArg *TagList);audio.h
0x40004Err TuneInsTemplate(Item Instrument, Item Tuning);audio.h
0x40005Err TunInstrument(Item Instrument, Item Tuning);audio.h
0x40008Err ConnectInstruments(Item SrcIns, char *SrcName, Item DstIns, char *DstName);audio.h
0x40009uint32 TraceAudio(int32 Mask);audio.h
0x4000Aint32 AllocAmplitude(int32 Amplitude);audio.h
0x4000BErr FreeAmplitude(int32 Amplitude);audio.h
0x4000CErr DisconnectInstruments(Item SrcIns, char *SrcName, Item DstIns, char *DstName);audio.h
0x4000DErr SignalAtTime(Item Cue, AudioTime Time);audio.h
0x4000FErr SetAudioRate(Item Owner, frac16 Rate);audio.h
0x40010Err SetAudioDuration(Item Owner, uint32 Frames);audio.h
0x40011Err TweakRawKnob(Item KnobItem, int32 Value);audio.h
0x40012Err StartAttachment(Item Attachment, TagArg *tp);audio.h
0x40013Err ReleaseAttachment(Item Attachment, TagArg *tp);audio.h
0x40014Err StopAttachment(Item Attachment, TagArg *tp);audio.h
0x40015Err LinkAttachments(Item At1, Item At2);audio.h
0x40016Err MonitorAttachment(Item Attachment, Item Cue, int32 CueAt);audio.h
0x40018Err AbandonInstrument(Item Instrument);audio.h
0x40019Item AdoptInstrument(Item InsTemplate);audio.h
0x4001AItem ScavengeInstrument(Item InsTemplate, uint8 Priority, int32 MaxActivity, int32 IfSystemWide);audio.h
0x4001BErr SetAudioItemInfo(Item AnyItem, TagArg *tp);audio.h
0x4001CErr PauseInstrument(Item Instrument);audio.h
0x4001DErr ResumeInstrument(Item Instrument);audio.h
0x4001Eint32 WhereAttachment(Item Attachment);audio.h
0x40020Err BendInstrumentPitch(Item Instrument, frac16 BendFrac);audio.h
0x40021Err AbortTimerCue(Item Cue);audio.h
0x40022Err EnableAudioInput(int32 OnOrOff, TagArg *Tags);audio.h
0x40024Err ReadProbe(Item Probe, int32 *ValuePtr);audio.h
0x40026uint16 GetAudioFrameCount(void);audio.h
0x40027int32 GetAudioCyclesUsed(void);audio.h
0x50000void MulVec3Mat33_F16(vec3f16 dest, vec3f16 vec, mat33f16 mat);operamath.hMultiply a 3×3 matrix of 16.16 values by a vector of 16.16 values, return the result.
0x50001void MulMat33Mat33_F16(mat33f16 dest, mat33f16 src1, mat33f16 src2);operamath.hMultiply two 3×3 matrices of 16.16 values and return the result.
0x50002void MulManyVec3Mat33_F16(vec3f16 *dest, vec3f16 *src, mat33f16 mat, int32 count);operamath.hMultiply many vectors by a matrix.
0x50003void MulObjectVec3Mat33_F16(void *objectlist[], ObjOffset1 *offsetstruct, int32 count);operamath.hMultiply many vectors within object structures by a matrix within that object structure, and repeat over a number of objects.
0x50004void MulObjectMat33_F16(void *objectlist[], ObjOffset2 *offsetstruct, mat33f16 mat, int32 count);operamath.hMultiply a natrix within an object structure by an external matrix, and repeat over a number of objects.
0x50005void MulManyF16(frac16 *dest, frac16 *src1, frac16 *src2, int32 count);operamath.hMultiply an array of 16.16 fractions by another array of fractions.
0x50006void MulScalerF16(frac16 *dest, frac16 *src, frac16 scaler, int32 count);operamath.hMultiply a 16.16 scaler by an array of 16.16 fractions.
0x50007void MulVec4Mat44_F16(vec4f16 dest, vec4f16 vec, mat44f16 mat);operamath.hMultiply a 4×4 matrix of 16.16 values by a vector of 16.16 values, return the result.
0x50008void MulMat44Mat44_F16(mat44f16 dest, mat44f16 src1, mat44f16 src2);operamath.hMultiply two 4×4 matrices of 16.16 values and return the result.
0x50009void MulManyVec4Mat44_F16(vec4f16 *dest, vec4f16 *src, mat44f16 mat, int32 count);operamath.hMultiply many vectors by a matrix.
0x5000Avoid MulObjectVec4Mat44_F16(void *objectlist[], ObjeOffset1 *offsetstruct, int32 count);operamath.hMultiply many vectors within object structures by a matrix within that object structure, and repeat over a number of objects.
0x5000Bvoid MulObjectMat44_F16(void *objectlist[], ObjOffset2 *offsetstruct, mat44f16 mat, int32 count);operamath.hMultiply a matrix within an object structure by an external matrix, and repeat over a number of objects.
0x5000Cfrac16 Dot3_F16(vec3f16 v1, vec3f16 v2);operamath.hReturn the dot product of two vectors of 16.16 values.
0x5000Dfrac16 Dot4_F16(vec4f16 v1, vec4f16 v2);operamath.hReturn the dot product of two vectors of 16.16 values.
0x5000Evoid Cross3_F16(vec3f16 dest, vec3f16 v1, vec3f16 v2);operamath.hReturn the cross product of two vectors of 16.16 values.
0x5000Ffrac16 AbsVec3_F16(vec3f16 vec);operamath.hReturn the aboslute value (length) of a vector of 16.16 values.
0x50010frac16 AbsVec4_F16(vec4f16 vec);operamath.hReturn the absolute value (length) of a vector of 16.16 values.
0x50011void MulVec3Mat33DivZ_F16(vec3f16 dest, vec3f16 vec, mat33f16 mat, frac16 n);operamath.hMultiply a 3×3 matrix of 16.16 values by a vector, then multiply x and y by n/z. Return the result vector {x*n/z,y*n/z,z}.
0x50012void MulManyVec3Mat33DivZ_F16(mmv3m33d *s);operamath.hMultiply a 3×3 matrix of 16.16 values by multiple vectors, then multiply x and y by n/z. Return the result vectors {x*n/z,y*n/z,z}.
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